Nordic photo contest 2016

Norway was the big winner of the nordic photo contest for seafarers. Norwegian seafarers came in first, third and fourth, and one of their pictures got a “honorable mention” as well. The last two places were taken by a Swedish and a Finnish seafarer.

The Nordic Photo Contest 2016 was held in Turku/Åbo in Finland where a representative from each of the Nordic countries, Iceland, Norway, Sweden, Finland and Denmark came with 15 photos. The best from the national competitions.

True to tradition the hosting country had found two competent judges to find the winning photos, this year they were Hanna Weselius, lecturer of photography at Aalto University, Helsinki, and Maija Jorv, museum curator at Forum Marnum, The Maritime Museum I Turku. The two judges chose five winning photos and two pictures for a “honorary comment”.

Fotograf: Vidar Strønstad, Norge

Vidar Strønstad, Captain GEORGHOLM, Norway

A beautiful picture of the “pirate of the Baltic Sea” the cormorant. In this powerful and timeless photo light and shadow creates a well balanced composition, and the bird becomes a symbolic figure, comparable to the albatross. The picture leaves a lot to the imagination of the viewer – where and when is the picture taken?! It is enigmatic and mysterious.

Photo equipment worth 5.000 DKK sponsored by Ulykkesforsikringsforbundet for Dansk Søfart

Fotograf: Jörgen Språng, Sverige

Second place
Jörgen Språng, Cook, BIT OKLAND, Sweden

A strong and gripping black-and-white picture. The splash from the water is beautifully caught by the flash, and it is brave that the photographer to go so close to the object. There were not many portraits in the final, and this one excels.

Photo equipment worth 5.000 NOK, sponsored by Sjøfartsdirektoratet in Norway

Fotograf: Håkon Kjøllmoen, Norge

Third place
Håkon Kjøllmoen, chief officer/ helicopter controller, KV SVALBARD, Norway

A well composed photo of a coast guard ship on a frosen sea. The snow and the ice in front of the picture, the sky that bends and the ship that is reflected in the se puts the ship into a natural setting.

Photo equipment worth 5.000 SEK, sponsored by Sjöfartstidningen, Sweden

Fotograf: Bjarne Hovland, Norge

Fourth place
Bjarne Hovland, Captain, KL SANDEFJORD, Norway

An evocative picture of the everyday seararer work. The fire and the flames sparkle, and the sky that reflects in the puddles on the steel deck makes the picture whole, and combines the elements (water, fire, air and earth).

Photo equipment worth 450 € sponsored by Síldarvinnslan i Neskaupstadur, Island

Fotograf: Jörgen Språng, Sverige

Fifth place
Jörgen Språng, Cook, BIT OKLAND, Sweden

This very detailed black-and-white photo reproduces the clothes and the structure of the skin, as well as the material in the coveralls in a beautiful way. The light draws out the hands from the black and you get curious of the story of the person photographed.

Photo equipment worth 300 € sponsored by Finnlines

Fotograf: Vidar Strønstad, Norge

Honorary comment 1
Vidar Strønstad, Captain, GEORHOLM, Norway

The picture gives a strong impression of working. The composition is well balanced and it associates to the iconic sky scraper picture of the builders who have stopped for lunch in the Empire State Building.

Fotograf: Marika West, Finland

Honorary comment 2
Marika West, Finland

In this classic composed picture the gray scale is cleverly used. The motive makes you think of many classic, traditional pictures of work.