Freshly caught fishes bought from local fishermen / Mindelo
Extra lookout for high risk area
Replacing the wire on the crane
Local fisherman in Santo Domingo/Dominikan Republic
Linesmen in San Pedro / Dominikan Republic
Preparing for sampling
Pilot boat underway / San Pedro
Rainbow, terminal in Yabucoa
Discharging to trucks, San Pedro
Fisherman in San Pedro
Hydroblasting of bridge's wing
Working with hydroblaster
Fisherman offering his fishes to sell / Mindelo
Fishermen selling their fishes / Mindelo
Preparation for High Risk Area
Terminal in Abidjan
All OK! 
Loading in Abidjan
Securing rise on the truck after loading from ship
Safety first
Port of Abidjan during discharging of rise
Electrician at work with radar antenna
Electrician working on forward mast
Loading barrels with oil on board
Drill in progress
Preparing smoke diver during drill
View from forecastle
Night at river in USA
Abandon ship drill
Discharging to trucks / Kingston Jamaica
Connecting the hose by shore personnel
Discharging to truck
Discharging during night