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Danish Government's Seamen's Service exercise competitions ”Fit4Sea”

The on board exercise competitions ”Fit4Sea” have been increased over the last couple of years and we experience a high level of activity.

You can participate in four categories – bycycling, rowing, running and crosstraining.
In order to be part of the competition you must complete a distance of at least 25 km during your assignment period. When you have accomplished 100 km you will obtain a t-shirt for the category you have particpated in. For every 25 km you have covered you will also obtain a share. At the end of the year there will be a draw among all the shares and the winners will receive various fine prizes.

Strength training and exercise
You can also train with weights in our competitions. After working out for the first 4 hours you will get a t-shirt and a share in the draw of many fine prizes when a year has ended.

You can also challenge your colleagues to a darts tournament. We play 501, and the competition is locally on your ship. One game is 10 rounds/matches. If you send your results to us, you will recieve a T-shirt with our darts logo.

New ideas and initiatives are very welcome in order to promote and make the overall competition even more attractive.

The first time you advise the distances to the Danish Government's Seamen's Service you must state the following:Name, vessels name, home address and t-shirt size.

This information should be forwarded to amanda@hfv.dk

Standings in 2017:

Cycling individual
Cycling team-competition
Rowing individual
Rowing team-competition
Jogging individual
Jogging team-competition
Crosstraining individual
Crosstraining team-competition 
Work out individual

Final standings in 2016
Prize Winners 2016

Final standings in 2015          
Prize winners 2015 

Final standings 2014